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Feb 28, 2023

It sounds counter-intuitive, but when people have too few problems, it's a problem. In this episode, Chad talks about the rising number of people who seem unable to handle even the most mundane levels of challenge, discomfort, or difficulty, and how we can develop greater strength in ourselves and those around us.


Feb 20, 2023

Decisions are what separates a thriving business from a failing one. But too often, decision-making is concentrated when it needs to be dispersed. In this week's episode, Chad talks about how we can overcome FOMAD and foster good decision-making in business and in life.

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Feb 14, 2023

What separates someone filling a position from someone truly contributing? The degree to which they drive results. In this episode, Chad shares why this competency is so important and how you dial it up in your own work.

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Feb 6, 2023

Leaders share an inspired vision that helps influence others to make the vision a reality. As a leader, it's tempting to think that once you've shared the vision, you can check it off your list. But vision leaks, and it gets drained by five powerful forces that we must combat.

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